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1-888-733-0203, ext. 122


Washington State's Largest Microwave
Internet Service Provider Since 1998
Microwave Wireless Backhaul throughout Washington State
Washington Coverage
Microwave IP Transport throughout Washington State

Adams County
Pierce County
Benton County
San Juan County
Columbia County
Skagit County
Ferry County
Snohomish County
Franklin County
Spokane County
Grant County
Stevens County
Island County
Walla Walla County
King County
Whatcom County
Kittitas County
Yakima County
Lincoln County
and more...

Oregon Coverage

Morrow County
Umitilla County


High-Speed Wirel ess Internet Services
for Your Home or Business

Site evaluations required for verification of service options available to your
specific location. We may be in your area next!

Call Our Sales Department Today: 1-888-733-0203, ext. 122

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