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Troubleshooting Your Connection

Before you open your trouble ticket, please consider these items below which are the most common issues with connectivity being lost:

1. Your OWN router may need to be rebooted (turned off and then on again) especially in the case of a power surge or power outage to re-establish its connection. NEVER REBOOT STARTOUCH SUPPLIED EQUIPMENT UNLESS A TECHNICIAN HAS SPECIFICALLY ASKED YOU TO DO SO.

2. In the case of slow connectivity, remember that your own internal LAN (local networking within your home) may be the cause, as well as computer viruses, etc. Remember to put password protection on your router so your neighbors don't use your connection and all of your bandwidth! You will be assessed a truck-roll fee if the problem is found to be at your end and not a StarTouch connection issue.

3. Slow connectivity that occurs due to natural tree growth or other obstructions of any kind that block your signal are not the responsibility of StarTouch. A truck-roll fee (with a one-hour minimum) will apply for all requests for repair of service which are later determined to be caused by obstruction to the StarTouch signal.