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Residential Service Hold

Great News! 

StarTouch Broadband Services is excited to announce that we are resuming new residential service offerings on Thursday, June 1st.  We have been working hard to grow and enhance our service territories to reach additional areas on the Washington State Peninsula and in Southwest Washington, along with the current construction of a new network to service Northwest Idaho.

Please watch our website for all-new pricing and service packages to be launched on June 1st.

  • All orders for residential services will now be processed through our new, simplified online ordering tool.
  • Every order received will be subject to site qualification by our engineering department and/or an in-person site audit prior to proceeding with an installation. (Sorry, we cannot perform site evaluations without a completed service order).
  • A StarTouch representative will contact potential customers generally within 2 business days after an order is submitted to review the status of the order and clarify any questions or concerns before submitting to engineering.

Note: Due to the vast nature and terrain of our Statewide network, no service is guaranteed until successfully installed. (Possible reasons for unsuccessful installations can include unknown frequency interference, unknown line-of-site obstacles, and other unforeseen circumstances).

For further inquiries, please contact our Sales Department by eMail.