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New Residential Order Form

New Residential Service Order Form

You're only a few minutes away from placing your order for StarTouch Broadband Services. This easy online form will guide you through the steps to determine what services are available from StarTouch, help you select a data plan, gather your billing information, review all the important terms and conditions, and submit your order.

Check for available Plans in Your Service Zone - Qualified plans for your region will appear below after you enter your Zip Code. If nothing appears, we do not offer service in your area at this time. DO NOT COMPLETE THE FORM.

Please choose an available plan. If no plans are shown after filling in your Zip Code, we DO NOT provide service in your area at this time.

IP Address:

Invoices will be sent to this address
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Upload photos of your home and surrounding area to aid in the install process. You can select multiple photos by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the photos you wish to send. Then click Open. The list of photos you have selected will appear in the form after a short time. When you submit the form, your photos will also be submitted.

Things You Should Know

The basic set-up fees associated with your order, the first month's service fees, and any optional router purchases or router configuration fees are due with the submission of this service order. Basic set-up fees include placement of standard radio and antenna on or near your home's roofline, up to 100 feet of cabling from the antenna to the initial point of entry in the home, wall plate, and a 10-foot jumper cable. We do our best to pre-qualify each location for service, however most installations are "intent to installs" using our standard equipment. Additional equipment may be required to provide the proper signal strength or to reach your home.

If on the date of your installation your signal strength is not acceptable for a quality connection using our standard equipment and placement, you may elect to cancel the order at that time, or continue with the installation by accepting additional set-up fees that may apply which include but are not limited to:

3-foot tripod for elevation - $99.00 set-up fee
5-foot tripod for elevation - $150.00 set-up fee
10-foot tripod for elevation- $250.00 set-up fee
Personal tower sections are sold (fully installed) in 10-foot sections for $300.00 plus sales tax. Restrictions may apply.
Additional cable is billed at $1.00 per foot (plus tax if sold to you for permanent installation by your electrician).
Cement or brick wall penetration is billed at $85.00/per hour, one hour minimum.
Additional equipment may be required to complete the installation. Added costs will be quoted before installation.

Except for purchased routers and personal tower sections, all equipment and cabling used in connection with establishing StarTouch's Internet Service to your home remains the sole property of StarTouch, Inc., and will be completely removed upon termination of service. Any applicable ferry boat or airplane transit fees will be additional and invoiced separately. Custom work is billed at $85.00 per hour and invoiced separately. Contact your electrician for "permanent" custom cabling.

Initial Payment Information

Set-up fees and first month's service fees are due upon order submission. YOU WILL BE CONTACTED BY THE STARTOUCH BILLING DEPARTMENT TO OBTAIN CREDIT CARD INFORMATION BEFORE THE ORDER IS PROCESSED, IF YOU CHOOSE THAT OPTION. We accept MasterCard and VISA credit cards. Payments must be made in advance of any installation appointments, regardless of the method of payment. Payments made by check should arrive with your initial order and subsequent monthly payments are due by the 1st of each month for the following month's service. Invoicing is electronically mailed to the billing email address you provided. Hard-copy invoices are available for a monthly fee of $5.00. A refund check will be mailed promptly if, at the time of installation service is found to be unavailable or signal quality is not sufficient for a quality connection.

StarTouch Subscriber Agreement
After submitting your order, you will be redirected to the StarTouch Subscriber Agreement. Please fill out, sign at the bottom and submit the Agreement. No order will be processed until this form is returned.
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