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Things to Know-Residential

  • No latency issues like satellite
  • No limit to number of users
  • No throttling or slowing down of your connection when you have used all of your monthly data
  • No monthly modem fees, additional phone lines
  • No monthly sales taxes or regulatory surcharges presently apply (always subject to FCC and State regulation)
  • Compatible with VoIP telephone services such as VonageĀ®. StarTouch does not provide VoIP customer support.
  • Select from 4 service levels
  • Basic set-up fee includes placement of standard radio and antenna on or near your roofline, up to 100 feet of cabling from the antenna to the initial point of entry into the home, wall plate, and a 10-foot jumper cable.
  • All equipment remains the property of StarTouch, Inc. except for the required router (purchase your own or buy one from StarTouch directly)
  • Contracted term renews automatically each anniversary date for one year, each year, unless REQUIRED 60-day notice is provided by the customer.
  • 24/7 local, in-house support (please call during normal business hours M-F , 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for fastest response)
  • Customers must agree to Subscriber Agreement terms

DATA USAGE:  Our new service packages provide more than ample data limits (Gigs) for most customers using today's wide variety of Internet-based applications. However, all connections are subject to a $2.00 per Gig overage fee for usage that exceeds your selected service level.  

If excessive Gigs use is occurring, a StarTouch representative will reach out to you and discuss the possible reasons and solutions during the first month only.  We do not provide individual graphs for customers to monitor their usage patterns. The usual culprits are computer viruses, neighbors hijacking your connection, kids being home for the summer, etc.

SERVICE PACKAGE UPGRADES:  Upgrades for existing customers are available by completing a brand new service contract. Upgrades that can be performed remotely will not incur a service fee. Upgrades that require a technician to visit your home to replace or enhance your equipment will incur a new set-up fee corresponding to the Zone or region you reside.  Other equipment or cabling fees may also apply. Please call our sales department in advance to verify upgrade options and fees in your area.

HOW FAST CAN I GO:  We offer up to 20Mbps download for our residential service (upload speeds may vary, but are approximately +/-15Mbps).  Faster, more robust connections with additional data packages may be available to your location by taking advantage of Business-class services in qualified locations.

EMAIL SERVICES:  With the number of free email services easily available to all (such as GMAIL and YAHOO and HOTMAIL), StarTouch has discontinued providing new email services with its connections.  Existing StarTouch email account holders are not affected.

SHARED SERVICES:  StarTouch does NOT permit its connections to be shared with your neighbors which would be in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy.

WHAT’S INVOLVED IN THE SET-UP PROCESS?  Once an order is successfully processed, our dispatcher will contact you to arrange a date for your installation. Our goal is to perform connection set-ups within 14-21 business days from date the location is qualified – depending on the region or service zone.  Typical appointments take approximately 2 +/- hours to complete a connection set-up. Customers must be present during the appointment. Customers who are not present when a technician arrives for an activation appointment agree agree to forfeit the entire original pre-paid set-up fee. Rescheduled appointments will be assessed a separate set-up fee which will be calculated at that time. Due to the amount of administrative and technical work that must be performed prior to any installation appointment, customers who cancel a scheduled activation appointment agree to be assessed an administrative fee of $85.00 .  

StarTouch technicians will arrive by appointment within a pre-arranged window of time in a clearly-marked service vehicle.  They will evaluate the best location on your property or rooftop to place our dish or antenna.  StarTouch technicians will always work to find the most aesthetically pleasing location, but must use the best possible spot to receive the highest-quality, unobstructed signal (line of site to our towers is required).   Customers who elect not to proceed with the set-up due to the required location of the equipment will forfeit the entire pre-paid set-up fees.

On occasion, the decision is made on the install date that extra steps beyond the standard installation process must be taken to qualify the location such as additional masts or tri-pods for needed height, extra-long cable pulls from a location set away from the house (requires buried conduit), etc. If this occurs, the customer has the option at that time to cancel the service entirely, or move forward with the additional steps and related costs. A second installation appointment may then be needed depending on what is required. If no service is found to be available under any circumstances, the contract will be considered void.  All pre-paid charges will be refunded promptly.

Once a connection point is established, cable will be professionally pulled into the home along the nearest point of entry to reach your router, the power cable will be plugged in, and cat-5 cable will be used to connect to your router. We will verify with our own laptop that the signal is established, quality will be verified, and speed will be set.

NOTE: A router must be provided on the day of installation either by customer or purchased directly from StarTouch for $79.99 + tax. The router is the customer’s soul responsibility for maintenance or repair.

  • Many people are comfortable configuring their own router; however, we’ll do it for you for $49.99+ tax.
  • Calls made to our support department for router configuration assistance after a technician leaves your premises, OR if your router is eventually replaced and/or settings lost, and StarTouch’s remote assistance is required, you agree to incur the router configuration fee of $49.99+ tax which will be billed to your account.

All residential orders for service are placed through the StarTouch website ordering page.  Please complete all of the required form fields and print a copy for your records. 

The order will be received by a StarTouch sales representative who will review the information.  You should expect a confirmation email and a follow-up telephone call from us to cover any remaining questions or issues and to obtain payment information.

We require a valid credit card number (MasterCard or VISA) to proceed with your order before sending to engineering and performing our remote site evaluation to verify service.  Your credit card will not be charged until the date we call to confirm your set-up appointment. If you elect, you can send a check for payment through the mail as an alternative to a credit card. We require the set-up fees and the first month’s service fee be paid in advance of hookup. The first month will be prorated and any credits will apply to your following month’s invoice. All invoicing is done via email. Hard copy invoices incur a $5.00 monthly fee.

In the event you require assistance in filling out our order form online for any reason,

please call us toll free at 1-888-733-0203, ext. 4, and we will gladly assist you.


NOTE: Service availability is never guaranteed. We do our best to use a number of processes to qualify a location prior to dispatching our technicians for a connection appointment. On the date our technicians arrive, if no connection can be found and no additional needed steps are desired, the contract will be voided and any prepaid amounts will be refunded via check.