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About Us

With its Corporate offices located in Northwest Washington since 1998, StarTouch Inc. is currently the premier provider of Microwave Broadband solutions for municipalities, government agencies, major cellular, land-based carriers, and corporations.


StarTouch provides top-tier, carrier-grade Microwave Broadband connections on its privately-owned hybrid Microwave and Fiber optic networks. Originally, it served small business and residential customers. However, after purchasing numerous MCI/WorldCom Tower sites in 2009, StarTouch shifted its service offerings and now focuses almost exclusively on providing wholesale Metro Ethernet to cellular/telecommunication carriers, ISPs, MDU communities, businesses, and governmental projects across the Northwestern US. Our impressively large coverage areas are in WA, OR, ID and will soon include AZ.

StarTouch is able to extend its service offerings through its use of Microwave transmitters mounted on nearly 400 communication towers, mid-point sites, cell towers or other elevated structures.  Its services are deployed in places where cable or fiber networks do not reach, or the costs are simply too expensive (i.e. mountainous ranges, rural towns and cities, or Islands).


StarTouch's towers can transmit Multi-Gigabit Broadband signals in excess of 30 miles, using Microwave Broadband technology. StarTouch’s Microwave Broadband solutions are ideal for remote locations where Fiber Optics are not readily available; as a redundant service; or as a cost-effective/time-efficient alternative to the Fiber Optic deployment.


StarTouch has strategically added numerous Fiber Optic Dark and Lit Services throughout its network increasing throughput, diversity, redundancy, and reliability service offering to their customers. Collocated in numerous Carrier Data centers, and strategic POP sites throughout its network, cross-connection requests to any Carrier can be provided. 

IN 2017, our Microwave and Fiber Optic expansion into Nevada and California was initiated.

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