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April 2023 StarTouch designing 20 site expansion and initiates launch into Arizona in coming months.

January 2023: StarTouch deploys 100th major Tower site and expands network coverage to over 750 sites.

October 2022 StarTouch appoints Dan Dunn as StarTouch General Manager & VP

September 2022 StarTouch expand K20 broadband capacity for Idaho and Washington communities new school year.

August 2020  StarTouch expands operations and network into Nevada with major tower sites deployments.

June 2022 StarTouch completes major tower sites expansion into Idaho and eastern Washington.

April 2022 StarTouch completes major tower sites expansion into Idaho and eastern Washington.

November 1st, 2021  Declaration Networks Group acquires StarTouch to facilitate company growth and expanded capabilities.

June 2021 StarTouch deploys major tower sites expansion into Oregon.

January 2021 StarTouch expands network into western California with major tower sites deployments.
January 2020: StarTouch contracted to provide Multi-Gigabit services in Fort Wayne Indiana.

December 2019: New 10Gig Microwave paths installed in Spokane, WA for backbone Fiber redundancy

November 2019: StarTouch adds another Tucker SnoCat to the Moses Lake and Spokane, WA fleet

November 2019: Fiber and Microwave ring now complete from Klamath Falls Oregon to Reno, NV, and Sacramento, CA.

November 2019: Deployment expansion in Boise, ID complete - providing Fiber and 1Gig, 2Gig, 10Gig FCC Licensed PTP customers.

October 2019: 10Gig Microwave service compleated in Huntsville, AL

October 2019: PTP Gigabit Microwave service installed for National StarTouch customer in Boston, MA

August 2019: StarTouch now providing up to 20Gigabit Microwave services with failover redundancy

August 2019: StarTouch begins site discovery for Arizona locations to provide Metro Ethernet backhaul to multiple LTE Carriers.

July 2019: StarTouch joins NATE -  National Association of Tower Erectors for continued enhancement of its tower site safety programs.

July 2019: StarTouch builds diverse 10Gig Fiber into Bothell WA. for MPLS services

June 2019: StarTouch begins deploying new Microwave PTP products providing multi-gig services on new deployments and begins upgrading legacy networks.

May 2019: StarTouch begins installations for licensed Microwave services in Boise, ID.

April 2019: StarTouch purchases multiple SunSight antenna alignment tools to enhance its installation process

March 2019: StarTouch installs 2 diverse 10Gig Fibers into new Data Facility in E. WA to help facilitate its current Metro Ethernet Services buildout in OR, ID, and WA.

March 2019: StarTouch begins plans to upate PTP circuits in Huntsville AL to 10Gigabit

March 2019: Numerous Tower builds completed in Western and Eastern WA. Metro Ethernet services expanded and provided to customers.

February 2019: More Tower site installs completed in NV and CA, "MPLS" Metro Ethernet services now being provided to customers.

February 2019: StarTouch awarded more K-20 Sites in WA and implements upgrades to 500Mbps and Gigabit on other contracted sites

January 2019: StarTouch purchases Tucker Model 2000 SnowCat to ease winter tower access

Janurary 2019: StarTouch continues to rollout "MPLS" services on new and Legacy Networks in NV, CA, OR, ID, and WA.

December 2018: StarTouch acquires Tower Site, and Tower equipment with Radios on numerous towers from Pacific Wireless, expands backhaul options over 150 miles, legacy customers included.

August 2018: StarTouch completes initial Tower site builds in Nevada, Microwave services now online and providng Metro Ethernet to customers.

April 2018: StarTouch continues to install numerous PTP Metro Ethernet connections for land and mobile Carriers in WA.

April 2018: StarTouch completes installs on PTP microwave service for large Federal Government facility

March 2018: StarTouch moves into new 15,000sq ft Office facility to help sustain growth, added addional staff

February 2018: StarTouch acquires Microwave infrastructure from Intellicheck/Mobilisa with legacy customers. 

March 2018: StarTouch installs Gigabit Microwave network in Waltham and Marborough Massachusetts.

Feburary 2018: StarTouch installs 10Gigabit Microwave PTP link in Richardson Texas 

November 2017: StarTouch opens Data Facility in Reno, NV. Also opens new office and warehouse.

October 2017: Due to growth opportunities StarTouch opens a new business "CalNevaTowers" and begins deployments in Nevada and California - Installs Dual 10Gig diverse/redundant DWDM Fiber from Reno to Sacramento 

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