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News from StarTouch and its parent company, Declaration Networks Group, Inc....

Our growth continues...

January 2020: Installation of first Tower in AZ begins - LTE upgrades and local Broadband coming soon. 

January 2020: StarTouch contracted to provide Multi-Gigabit services in Fort Wayne Indiana

December 2019: New 10Gig Microwave paths installed in Spokane, WA for backbone Fiber redundancy

November 2019: StarTouch adds another Tucker SnoCat to the Moses Lake and Spokane, WA fleet

November 2019: Fiber and Microwave ring now complete from Klamath Falls Oregon to Reno, NV, and Sacramento, CA.

November 2019: Deployment expansion in Boise, ID complete - providing Fiber and 1Gig, 2Gig, 10Gig FCC Licensed PTP customers.

October 2019: 10Gig Microwave service compleated in Huntsville, AL

October 2019: PTP Gigabit Microwave service installed for National StarTouch customer in Boston, MA

August 2019: StarTouch now providing up to 20Gigabit Microwave services with failover redundancy

August 2019: StarTouch begins site discovery for Arizona locations to provide Metro Ethernet backhaul to multiple LTE Carriers.

July 2019: StarTouch joins NATE -  National Association of Tower Erectors for continued enhancement of its tower site safety programs.

July 2019: StarTouch builds diverse 10Gig Fiber into Bothell WA. for MPLS services

June 2019: StarTouch begins deploying new Microwave PTP products providing multi-gig services on new deployments and begins upgrading legacy networks.

May 2019: StarTouch begins installations for licensed Microwave services in Boise, ID.

April 2019: StarTouch purchases multiple SunSight antenna alignment tools to enhance its installation process

March 2019: StarTouch installs 2 diverse 10Gig Fibers into new Data Facility in E. WA to help facilitate its current Metro Ethernet Services buildout in OR, ID, and WA.

March 2019: StarTouch begins plans to upate PTP circuits in Huntsville AL to 10Gigabit

March 2019: Numerous Tower builds completed in Western and Eastern WA. Metro Ethernet services expanded and provided to customers.

February 2019: More Tower site installs completed in NV and CA, "MPLS" Metro Ethernet services now being provided to customers.

February 2019: StarTouch awarded more K-20 Sites in WA and implements upgrades to 500Mbps and Gigabit on other contracted sites

January 2019: StarTouch purchases Tucker Model 2000 SnowCat to ease winter tower access

Janurary 2019: StarTouch continues to rollout "MPLS" services on new and Legacy Networks in NV, CA, OR, ID, and WA.

December 2018: StarTouch acquires Tower Site, and Tower equipment with Radios on numerous towers from Pacific Wireless, expands backhaul options over 150 miles, legacy customers included.

August 2018: StarTouch completes initial Tower site builds in Nevada, Microwave services now online and providng Metro Ethernet to customers.

April 2018: StarTouch continues to install numerous PTP Metro Ethernet connections for land and mobile Carriers in WA.

April 2018: StarTouch completes installs on PTP microwave service for large Federal Government facility

March 2018: StarTouch moves into new 15,000sq ft Office facility to help sustain growth, added addional staff

February 2018: StarTouch acquires Microwave infrastructure from Intellicheck/Mobilisa with legacy customers. 

March 2018: StarTouch installs Gigabit Microwave network in Waltham and Marborough Massachusetts.

Feburary 2018: StarTouch installs 10Gigabit Microwave PTP link in Richardson Texas 

November 2017: StarTouch opens Data Facility in Reno, NV. Also opens new office and warehouse.

October 2017: Due to growth opportunities StarTouch opens a new business "CalNevaTowers" and begins deployments in Nevada and California - Installs Dual 10Gig diverse/redundant DWDM Fiber from Reno to Sacramento 

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