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Our Services

For over 20 years, StarTouch has built and expanded its privately owned network in numerous States, and is now one of the largest microwave service providers in the western region of the US. What that means is - we have no reliance on any other provider to bring our services to your location no matter where it might be.

Today our fully tranparent "MPLS" transport services are direct to numerous LTE5 Carriers, Fiber companies, Educational School Districts, multiple State and Government agencies, and also to numerous small and large businesses. Our microwave services start at 100Mbps and increase up to 10Gigabit or more!

We have nearly 400  Towers managed on our network - providing dedicated, private point-to-point connections between two or more locations. All services run on our Fiber based microwave network backbone. And yes, we still provide great Internet service options to many of our customers in numerous locations. Now servicing WA.OR,ID,NV,CA,AZ


We provide scalable symmetrical Metro Ethernet type connections with both - FCC Licensed Terrestrial Microwave, and Fiber Optic solutions for "VLANS", "MPLS"and "VPLS" between multiple sites. 

Network Redundancy

We are connected! True diversity, whether its Internet, or Metro Ethernet, you can be assured with our numerous Microwave and Fiber Optic "MPLS" fast re-routes, your data has an alternate path to traverse in case there is a network issue

Internet Access "IP"

We provide wholesale or retail Internet servcies to our customers. Fast installations, low latency, cost effective and reliable.

Multi-Gigabit Microwave

SLA's & Ethernet Standards


Laying Fiber Optics or Cable is costly, time consuming, and sometimes not even possible. Our Microwave services are deployed quickly with bandwidth up to 10+ Gigabits. It's simply not your dad's backyard anymore

Low latency, low jitter, low frame-loss, Jumbo MTU - 24X7 monitoring, and we meet all Carrier Ethernet standards.

Ask about our EtherSam and RFC testing criteria across our privately-owned Network!

Collocate in one of our private Suites at the Westin Carrier facility in Seattle, or our Spokane Carrier facility, with direct FMMR & CMMR access. Numerous other data center or POP site options available

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